My Big News! My First Published Book!

This month I published my first book! That's right--I'm a published author!

About my book:
One month ago, Ailee Donaghue married a stranger to save herself from scandal. Now aboard a ship bound for the New World with ninety other Scots-Irish, she has no idea what she’ll be able to offer her new husband. She’s a horrible knitter, a bad cook, and can barely be trusted with a sewing needle. But she can make friends, and she is eager to learn. Can she face the challenges ahead with a man she barely knows and dangers that she cannot begin to imagine?

The book shipped with Ficstitches Yarns' first crochet kit and is already being read, which thrills me to no end. But now that the kits have shipped, I can make the book available to everyone.

It isn't the entire story. This is part one of a three-part novel. Parts two and three will be released first with kits two and three through the crochet kit club, and then they will be released separately.

It is an amazing undertaking, being part of the crochet kit club. I'm loving it! Not only do I get to write this fantastic story about Ailee Donaghue and her adventures traveling to the New World, and I get to do all this amazing research into the 1720s and the history of the Scots-Irish and crochet, but I also get to work with two other talented women to build the kits. It was so amazing to see my words come to life in the gorgeous crochet pattern that Laurinda Reddig designed, based off a description of a shawl in the story, and to see Elsie's shawl pin become reality through Monica of Craftwich Creations and her wonderful craftsmanship. I can't wait to see what they do with parts two and three.

Unraveling: The New World, Part One is available in print and digital. The digital price is on sale through the month of July while preorders for kit two are open. Please tell all your friends!